License Policy for Versions 2007 and Later:

Stand-Alone, Hardware Key, and Network licenses (of QuickLog or QuickCross/Fence) require an annual agreement of $150 per license. This agreement includes software use, technical support, and updates. With this policy, you will never need to upgrade again as you will always have the latest version of the software.

The Pay-As-You-Go license has no annual cost. Like the other license types, it allows you to always have the latest version of the software. Other features of the Pay-As-You-Go license:

  • No Upfront Cost
  • Client Re-Billing
  • Unlimited Users
  • License Options

    Stand-Alone - This license is intended for 1 user on 1 computer.

    Hardware Key - You are given a hardware key which plugs into the USB port. Multiple users from the same physical office may share the key.

    Network - Users share a license that is stored on M-Tech's Internet server -- therefore, no network setup is needed, just an Internet connection. When the program is run, the license server is checked to verify that one user is logged on per license purchased. All users must be in the same physical office.

    Pay-As-You-Go Network - You may install the software to as many computers as you like and have multiple users in any number of locations. You are billed per hour of usage. When a user logs into the program, he or she enters a username, password, and other parameters such as "Job No." This way, usage can be tracked by project and re-billed to your clients. Billing is done very precisely in 6 second increments, and the program can be paused anytime. If a user leaves the program running, it automatically pauses after 2 minutes of inactivity.


    Product Stand-Alone Hardware Key Network Pay-As-You-Go
    QuickLog $850 $1450 $1700 $10-$15/hr
    QuickCross/Fence $950 $1550 $1900 $10-$15/hr, $25/mo min.
    QuickSoil $550 $950 $1100 $10-$15/hr
    QuickGIS $550 $950 $1100 $10-$15/hr
    GW Assist/ChemGraph - are priced via Pay-As-You-Go at approximately $25 per project.
    Additional copies of a QuickLog or QuickCross/Fence license for the same office may be purchased at the discounted rate of $600 each.

    Contact us about a competitive upgrade. You may be able to switch at no cost - we just want to take over the annual contract!

    Annual Agreement

    Purchasing the software new or upgrading begins the annual agreement which includes software use, technical support, and updates. At the end of one year from date of purchase (and each subsequent year), the software user pays $150 per product-license for the right to continue using the software. Versions previous to 2007 are no longer supported (beyond basic installation).

    Purchase via E-Check or Credit Card

    Please contact M-Tech to receive a quote and then click the button below. You will enter the amount of the quote at the Authorize.Net website. Please pay via E-Check if possible (preferred method) or Credit Card if you are unable to pay via E- Check.